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The goal of the Influencer(ImI) Project is to invigorate the domestic influencer market and to create synergies through integration with overseas influencer markets. Profitability will be achieved by combining the influence of influencers with tokens based on blockchain technology. Our top priority is to maximize the positive influence that influencers have on society, and to give back to society through social developments and customer profitability. When good influences come together and combine to be a great influence, people will realize that society is warmer and daily life will be more enjoyable.

White Paper

Our Project


I'm Influencer is an autonomous platform that provides a dedicated space for influencers, clients, and managements to freely interact and work according to their needs. Our aim is to develop perceptions of people of expertise of all industries to be recognized as influencers spreading good influence.


Our Market


Influencer Market is a platform that serves a purpose to increase product accessibility and enable effective marketing through a systematic matching process that includes combining influencers' own online stores and joint-purchase markets with high-end luxury goods within a single platform. With the availability of its own manual, it delivers accurate product information to consumers while also offering discounts and rare/limited products.

*In order to solve price volatility issues that may occur when paying with ImI tokens, payment with IbdC coin, our own stable coin, is also supported.


Our Service


Another objective of ours is to solve issues arising across various fields of interest by utilizing blockchain-based NFT technology, which can easily solve copyright and ownership related problems. With this technology, we can secure producer rights of music, videos, webtoons, OTT, and other types of content while simultaneously guaranteeing the eradication of illegal copies and supporting crowdfunding for production growth.


Our Service


DID(Decentralized Identification) is an identification technology that can be used as a substitute for financial authentication certificates in financial institutions, and can even be applied for use in the public sector when connected to offline identification verification. ImI is planned for connection to various industries including finance and payment with the start of DID technology application to influencer wallets.

Eco System

In the near future, ImI will be compatible and carry great value as a payment method within the ecosystem.
After the launch of ImI, the developments and launch of mobile apps, online communities, and social media will progress according to the roadmap.

Eco System Eco System

The Initial Ecosystem of ImI

Any Individual is capable of delivering good influence to anyone online on the platform provided by ImI and be rewarded with tokens.

  • Reward System Model Applying Blockchain
    Reward System
    Model Applying Blockchain
    ImI tokens can be earned based on ImI Friends activity on the platform, and they will remain on record on the blockchain for administering rewards and checking status.
  • I’m Influencer – Platform Participant Reward Scheme
    I’m Influencer –
    Platform Participant Reward Scheme
    Activity rewards are distributed in the reward wallet, which can be viewed by anyone on the blockchain. Reward wallets may be created using Kaikas, Klip, and D-CENT.

Token Allocation

token token
REWARD 2,000,000 2%
MARKETING 3,000,000 3%
EVENT & AIRDROP 7,000,000 7%
TEAM 8,000,000 8%
TOKEN SALE 10,970,925.490001 11%
KLAYSWAP DEPOSIT 29,029,074.509999 29%
ImI ALLIANCE 40,000,000 40%
TOTAL 100,000,000 100%


Klaytn based token creation
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Main Platform Beta Service Open
[4/1] 1st pre-sale
[9/10] Probit Global listing
[9/10] KlaySwap pool formation
[9/22] LBANK listing Influencer SNS platform beta service open
Influencer SNS platform beta service open
Influencer SNS platform official service open
Music & video platform beta service open
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Main platform overseas service open

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